Hangsen e Liquid USA

Hangsen e-Liquid and e-Juices USA,

30 plus flavors, 0 - 36 mg. nicotine.  Not all e-Juice and e-liquids are created equal.  In today's war of the e-Juices everybody and there brother thinks they're an e-liquid mixoligest.  A couple of YouTube Videos, a couple of gallons of PG and VG, some Lorann's flavorings, a backroom, basement or garage and they're in business.

At Vapor Dogs we prefer to leave the manufacturing and production of our eLiquids and juices up to the inventors of e-liquid Hangsen. They were the first, are the largest and most popular e-Liquid manufacture in the world.

Hangsen has been on the cutting edge of the e-Liquid industry
since the beginning and has grown to be the world's largest
E-Liquid manufacturer.



 Hangsen leads the industry in e-liquid  production, around the world.

 Hangsen works with retailers and on-line partners  worldwide to get the products in clients hands  as soon as  possible to preserve freshness. Currently distribution is in  80 countries across the  globe and three offices locations:  China, Poland and United States.



Jide Yao

Technical  strength and innovation are the key to Hangsen's success. They're CEO is the first pioneer in E-Liquid research and development.

He invented the foundation of the PG/VG blend that became the first recipe of E-liquid in 2005.

Jide brings not only knowledge from years of research, but a personal understanding for what Vapors want.